How to launch Life Model classes at your church or organization


Belonging: All people need a place to belong.
Receiving and Giving Life: Interactions with others need to give us life rather than hurt us.
Resilience and Recovery: The most resilient people are not those for whom nothing goes wrong, but those who can bounce back by maintaining their relationships and regulating their emotions when things do go wrong.
Growth and Maturity: Each stage of human development is critical to our growth, maturity and ability to thrive.
Knowing Our Hearts: Through our hearts, we come to know ourselves as God sees us and to know God well.

Why should I offer a Life Model class?

You might want to consider offering Life Model classes if:

  • You want your community to be as fully mature as possible – spiritually and relationally – at every age and stage of life.
  • You want your community to be a source of joyful connectedness and belonging for the people around it.
  • You want your community to support and be supported by living networks: internally, in relationships, in work and in play.
  • You want your community’s spiritual life to be connected to God and others so that each person is filled with peace and joy.
  • You want to restore the relational and spiritual skills in your community that are being lost to trauma and accelerated social changes.

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What should I keep in mind when launching the first Life Model class?

Offering Life Model classes at your church or organization is a wonderful way to begin to develop healthy, maturing communities and leaders.  Life Model classes do not offer a quick fix, but offer an approach that takes time, changing how your body, mind and spirit respond to life’s joys and challenges.  We recommend having experienced teachers to deliver the class material – individuals who have been trained experientially and are equipped with the skills necessary to help participants understand the depth and breadth of the material. 

Questions to consider:

  • In what stage of growth is your community?
  • What types of classes have had appeal in the past?
  • What learning methods appeal to those in your community?
  • What do you hope to get out of teaching the Life Model?
  • Will your organization’s leadership support teaching Life Model classes?
  • How can HCI support your efforts?

How can I partner with Healing Center International?

Offering the Life Model is an investment of time, heart, and finances. 

HCI would love to partner with you to offer ongoing leadership development, mentoring and support in your efforts to launch Life Model classes.  As part of the partnership, we ask that each individual who will be teaching classes joins the HCI membership network, which is free, but entails:

  • Completing an application form
  • Joining a monthly HCI leader group for leadership development (currently offered in 4 locations across Northern Virginia)
  • Participant in child protection training and undergo a background check

For HCI partners, we offer two levels of support for administering Life Model courses, outlined below.

Tier One: Full Support

With this option, HCI provides:

  • experienced faculty to teach each class
  • one facilitator workbook per teacher and agendas for each week
  • participant workbooks
  • class DVD set (on loan)
  • listing your class on HCI website (if desired)
  • full administrative support (online registration/payment collection, participant nametags)
  • one screen/projector, if needed

Tier Two: Partial Support*

With this option, HCI provides:

  • one facilitator workbook per teacher and agendas for each week
  • participant workbooks
  • class DVD set (on loan)
  • listing your class on HCI website (if desired)
  • partial administrative support (online registration/payment collection)

*Projector / screen rental add-on: $50 for up to 12-week course

We also offer organizational partnerships. You may read about partnership levels below or please contact us.