Testimonials from Previous Leadership Retreats

I attended my first HCI event last summer in 2018 for the leadership retreat. I was immediately struck by the attentiveness to spending time with God, even as a part of your speakers’ sessions! The participatory nature of the event and the spirit of compassion were completely soul-satisfying. I experienced breakthrough in an area I had struggled with for a few years. The more I have come in contact with the people and the materials associated with HCI, the more determined I am to learn all I can from your ministry. I truly believe you are and will continue to make a profound difference in the body of Christ (and in the world) as you create space for people to encounter God directly and each other joyfully.
— 2018 Leadership Retreat Attendee
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The simple style left me energetic and able to focus upon and integrate the information.”

“At the end of each day, I left with a tremendous sense of gratitude and awe to be a part of this rich and talented community.”

“This [workshop] was done extremely well—a good mix of interactive exercises, discussions, and presentations.”

“I experienced tremendous healing to a long-standing unresolved identity issue. It started in the Silent Retreat and continued building through each exercise. Wow and amen!”

“These excerises ministered to both my mind and my body. Learning that trust is a factor in massage was eye-opening. I was glad to learn the correct way to administer massage. I went home and practised the massage on a loved one. The testimonies were encouragement and examples of how Immanuel can be used in our daily lives.”

“Overall, the workshop was incredible and put together very well. There was great pacing.
— Thriving DC 2017 Attendees
It has been wonderful! You helped us better connect with God through the community.”

“Loved networking with other like-minded people.”

“I learned how to connect with God; how to initiate that and really hear from him.
— Past conference attendee
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