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Are you trusting God with your whole heart? In our anxious world that is not easily done. Even when we think we’re doing great, things come up that cause our hearts to race and our minds to wonder, Can I really trust him? It’s a question you can bring to our Annual HCI Leadership Retreat. (Yes, we’ve changed the name of our annual summer event.)

No, we won’t be bunking in the woods but we will be setting aside three days to engage with God— to learn, grow, and play—as a community. It is a room full of joy. Dancing. Art. Drama. Singing. As well as sharing our life together. You will hear from some of your favorite teachers as well as some new faces. We are bringing back some of last year’s favorites and adding the best of what’s new this year. We hope you will join us.

HCI’s Annual Leadership Retreat is a smaller, more intimate gathering for current and aspiring leaders. You will have time to learn and process in the presence of the lover of your soul—the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Come bond with us and experience the joy!

Our theme is Journey to Trust. You will:

  • Enjoy three days of nourishing community

  • Seek God to hear his heart for the future of your life

  • Experience being known, seen, heard, understood and validated

  • Have opportunities to learn and connect with leaders in our HCI community

  • Share and bond with your table of six

  • Connect with a small sized workshop of 60 current or aspiring leaders

  • Go home refreshed and revived by your encounters with God

Thursday, Friday & Saturday | Journey to Trust

June 27-29, 2019 from 9 am to 4 pm

He’s Big, I’m Beloved: An Immanuel Experience, with Betsy Stalcup, will set the stage for the weekend by inviting us to quiet our hearts, minds and bodies, focus on positive memories and interact with Jesus so that he satisfies our hearts.

Knowing What is True: Who is God, Who Am I?, with John Chab, is a new exercise where we will evaluate what feels true to us about who God is, as well as how we see ourselves in our relationship to him. After the short self-evaluation, we will engage with God through journaling to get his perspective and then share our journaling in groups of three.

In Integrity for His Name Sake, with David Takle, we will explore the idea that is God is leading me along a path, I need to learn to follow. Following has many aspects such as vision, intention, trust, discernment, awareness of God, and awareness of myself. This session will focus on what it looks like for us to follow God with integrity. Takle’s talk will jump-start a conversation between us and God about our integrity as leaders in ministry. We will engage with God to appreciate aspects of our self that contribute to integrity, as well as questions that might challenge us to seek more integrity.

He Calls Me by Name, with Lib Gilliam, will begin with a short Immanuel session. Lib will share the story of her journey alongside her husband as he declined from ALS, where “all the masks had to come off,” as both Lib and her husband experienced being fully known by Jesus. Her talk will be followed by a opportunity to journal with Jesus on our choice of four prompts. Finally, the time will end with sharing in groups of three.

In Removing Barriers to Trust, Frank Williams will talk about how bad experiences with those in authority can affect our ability to trust. We will then do a number of exercises including Shalom for My BodyShalom for My Heart (validation) and Shalom for My Soul (comfort) to remove barriers to trust and receive God’s gracious validation and comfort.

Come to the Table, with Kristin Colligan will focus on God’s invitation to come to the feast. We are invited and honored guests at his banquet.

In Intimacy with the Trinity, Loretta Smyth will talk about cultivating intimacy with God in the ordinary moments of life. She will share short stories where she encountered all three members of the Trinity and then lead us in an Ignatian Examen exercise.

In Psalm 23 as Covenant, David Takle will unpack the idea that Psalm 23 is in essence a celebration of covenant blessing. He will present a high view of covenant and how it provides an incredibly sound foundation for trusting God. As part of that process, we will expand this final verse of Psalm 23 into a powerful declaration of covenant blessing and basis for trust. The exercise will help us recapture our vision of what it means to enter into a life-covenant with God, with all the blessings of Psalm 23. This session will end with the Eucharist. 

Listening to God on Behalf of Others, facilitated by Betsy Stalcup, is an exercise where we hear a presenter share where they are on their journey to trust, then we quiet and listen to God on their behalf. We share what we believe we are hearing, then the presenter has an opportunity to respond. The exercise is a glorious rhythm of quieting, listening and sharing. Each person in the group of three will have an opportunity to be the presenter. Do not be afraid, you will hear God! And what you hear from God through others will be life-giving.

Dance workshop. Join us as learn simple Hebraic dances. No dance experienced needed.

Drama workshop. Join a fun-loving group of people as they put together a short (and usually humorous) skit that they will share with the group on the last day.

Art Workshop. Explore several different kinds of art as led by one of our staff. There will be two different projects to work on over three days.



Includes coffee, tea, snacks, lunch and a workbook.  Refund Policy Through June 29th: No refunds

Includes coffee, tea, snacks, lunch and a workbook.

Refund Policy
Through June 29th: No refunds


Truro Anglican Church
10520 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030

Words cannot accurately convey the profound and deeply satisfying experience of being immersed in life giving and transforming community at Thriving DC. The speakers were world class each bringing expertise in a different area but all connecting us more deeply with the Lord.
— Sarah Manson
One of the best workshops I’ve attended in decades was HCI’s Thriving DC 2017 workshop . . . The schedule had a lovely rhythm of left brain and right brain activities done with one another which spread the love and laughter with colleagues.
— Past conference attendee
. . . A good mix of interactive exercises, discussions, and presentations.
— Past conference attendee
I attended my first HCI event last summer in 2018 for the leadership retreat. I was immediately struck by the attentiveness to spending time with God, even as a part of your speakers’ sessions! The participatory nature of the event and the spirit of compassion were completely soul-satisfying. I experienced breakthrough in an area I had struggled with for a few years. The more I have come in contact with the people and the materials associated with HCI, the more determined I am to learn all I can from your ministry. I truly believe you are and will continue to make a profound difference in the body of Christ (and in the world) as you create space for people to encounter God directly and each other joyfully.
— 2018 Leadership Retreat Attendee