Prayer undergirds all that we do. A wise person once said that prayer is simply talking to God. When we pray at HCI, we not only talk to God, but we also listen with our hearts expecting God to interact with us.
— Betsy Stalcup, Executive Director

Jesus is the good shepherd and he once said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27, NASB). Jesus also said he will never leave you or forsake you.

We believe that Jesus is always with us even though we do not always perceive his presence and love. We believe every child of God can learn to hear God’s voice, though it is rarely audible and mostly it happens with our hearts. We find that people hear God speak to them in different ways. For some, it is through thoughts, images or impressions that come to mind. Some simply perceive that they are not alone and find that as they pay attention to thoughts, images and impressions from God, that their perspective on life shifts from one of fear to one of trust and peace.

At HCI we also offer various types of healing prayer. We focus primarily on the kind of prayer that helps the person we are praying for encounter God.  We’ve learned that we can give advice, but there is no substitute for hearing from God yourself. We want everyone to experience this! To be able to hear from the God who loves them and delights in them—even when they are a complete mess—is a beautiful thing.

Intercessors pray for our ministry at HCI. These people pray asking God to bless and protect our ministry and to guide us so that we can do the work he is calling us to do. Our executive director Betsy sends out a monthly prayer update so the intercessors know how to pray about specific requests.

The types of God-encounter prayer that HCI offers include:

Immanuel Prayer Ministry

Immanuel Prayer Ministry is based on the premise that God is always with us and that we can take specific steps to increase our awareness of his presence. In an Immanuel session we pray a prayer for protection, invite the Holy Spirit to come be with us, and then quiet our bodies and minds through specific actions such as yawning, stretching and deep breathing. We then focus on a memory of a time when we felt close to God or we focus on something we appreciate.  As we learn to enjoy being in God's presence, many people have learned to connect to God with wonderful results. We can talk to him, ask him questions, enjoy being together and even ask him to take us to painful memories so we can see his perspective on what troubles us.  Immanuel prayer can be done in groups.  Video of our Executive Director leading an Immanuel session.

We also offer Immanuel Days where you spend the entire day experiencing the presence of God. Some have called Immanuel Days “Soul Spa” because they say they feel as if they have had a full body massage after spending a day with Immanuel.

Transformation (Theophostic) Prayer Ministry

This method of prayer ministry recently changed names from Theophostic to Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM). This method of prayer is based on the premise that our feelings reflect what we believe. So if I feel afraid, it is because at least part of me believes that I am unsafe or unprotected. In this method of prayer, the person requesting prayer focuses on a painful emotion, which activates the part of their brain that feels that way. Usually a memory of that emotion comes into awareness. By helping the prayer recipient explore their memory, they can identify what they are believing that is making them feel the painful emotion.  We offer TPM appointments, which can be requested online, and we offer groups for men and women to learn the method and practice on each other. We have seen lives transformed through this ministry, which is run by our flagship Healing Center at Church of the Apostles. Request consideration for TPM.

In the meantime, we invite you to prepare for your prayer session by:

  • Downloading our first time recipient forms.  Please read and sign the forms and bring them to your first appointment.*
  • Reading the first three chapters of the book Healing Life’s Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer. You can view and download the first three chapters.

*If you are under the care of a mental health professional, we need to have his/her permission to see you. In addition to the forms above, please complete this release form, print, sign, and bring with you to your appointment.

Prayer by laying on of hands

This is available at our monthly healing prayer service, Into the Light, which is offered by our flagship center of healing at Church of the Apostles Anglican (currently on hiatus). At a typical Into the Light service we worship God through singing, listen to inspiring testimonies and offer personal prayer with trained prayer ministers. The prayer ministers listen to your request and then they usually will lay a hand lightly on your shoulder and pray to God for you. They can pray for emotional or physical healing, for guidance or just an increased awareness of God’s power and love. This prayer service is open to people of all faiths though the service, songs and prayer focus on Jesus, our Lord and the one who saves us from our sins.