Vision Statement

Making joyful relationships in Christ a reality.

Mission Statement

HCI disciples people to process the joys and sorrows of life so that communities become courageous and mature, loving each other and Jesus well.

My faith has grown beyond anything I imagined possible and I’m actually beginning to see miracles when I pray for people.
— Prayer Recipient

About HCI

Undergirded by Executive Director Betsy Stalcup’s more than ten years of experience offering classes and healing prayer, HCI facilitates development of healthy, maturing communities where people can experientially encounter God.  HCI offers classes, groups and resources; leadership development and mentoring; and an annual conference to connect and sustain healthy, caring communities. 

HCI is a nonprofit that grew out of the healing ministry of Church of the Apostles, an Anglican Church in the Washington, DC metro region, and is now developing programs for those who are incarcerated, for members of the military who have suffered from moral injury, and for equipping leaders locally and across the globe.

HCI’s offerings teach people how to have an interactive relationship with God, where they can begin to see all of life from his gracious, loving point of view.  Our hope is that they can begin to feel how deeply they are loved, and as a result, love others more deeply in return. 

The outcome of our offerings is the creation and sustaining of communities in which people are able to know and be known; display love and compassion; and help each other spiritually and emotionally mature.

What We Believe

  • the Bible as the basis for what we hold to be true

  • the Apostles Creed as the basic statement of our Christian faith

  • intercessory prayer teams who under gird each faculty member

  • Sabbath-like rest weekly

  • attentiveness to the leading of God. Walk through the open door.

  • a love for the ones God has placed in front of us

  • boldness to contend for God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven

  • honor for one another

  • trust in God’s vindication of us when we are wronged

  • authenticity about our emotions, pain, faults, blind spots, and continuing need for healing

HCI Values

Abiding in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Engaging with God in every aspect of our life and ministry

Courage: Facing life’s challenges with transparency, vulnerability and authenticity.

Authenticity and Growth: Creating spaces where people can be authentic about who they are while growing into who God created them to be.

Maturity: Engaging with our community to become fully developed for our age—spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Healthy Community: Sharing life in spiritual families that reflect belonging, empathy, love and trust.

Why a nautilus shell for a logo?

As the nautilus grows, it initially occupies a small chamber and then moves to a larger chamber, creating a shell of great beauty as it grows and matures.

Healing and maturity can often be hard work or painful, but God is making something beautiful out of lives as we grow, much like the nautilus.