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A Binding Prayer for Protection And A Prayer To Be Set Free
Quieting Exercises to Soothe Myself (by Sarah Manson)
Guided Quieting Exercise (Audio)
Guided Quieting and Breathing Exercise (Audio)

A Redeemed Life Blog (Betsy Stalcup, Ph.D.)
Anxious? Upset? Angry? Relational Circuits and how to get them back on
What is our role in relationships?
What make the Life Model (and Restarting) unique
Immanuel, God with us

Immanuel Prayer
Immanuel Prayer Session Worksheet
More Questions to Ask Immanuel
The Immanuel Approach with Children (by Georgene Assur)

Life Model
Lectio Divina (David Takle)
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The Nineteen Relational Maturity Skills
Attachment Styles Defined

New TPM (Transformation Prayer Ministry aka Theophostic Prayer Ministry)   
Explaining TPM to Others Who Want to Know
Free-falling Through Post Childhood Memories
General Summary of Foundational TPM Principles
Ministry Session Overview Chart
The Belief and Choice Principle Foundational Stone of TPM
Transformation Prayer Ministry Ministry Session Guidelines
Understanding and Identifying Anger
Understanding the TPM Questions - The Five Boxes

Theophostic Prayer Ministry
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