What do we provide?

  • a framework for identifying what is missing in the way we connect to others
  • tools for moving forward in healthier relationships with God and others
  • ways to build joy so that we can handle life’s challenges
  • ways to extend grace and empathy to others
  • movement from a spiritual life of “should” and “ought” to experiencing God’s transforming love

Dear Ones,

Welcome to our website where you can learn about Healing Center International, sign up for classes or events, make an appointment for healing prayer, read blog posts or even watch a video. We are glad you are here!

I am Betsy Stalcup, Executive Director of Healing Center International.

When I was a little girl growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, people did not talk about their dysfunctional families. The suffering we endured within the four walls of my family home mostly stayed at home and when it leaked out--when my father bellowed at a neighbor or accused an innocent person of trying to cheat him, our hearts shrank with shame.  Those life experiences have motivated my entire ministry.

In today’s world many people are more open about their struggles. Studies of adverse childhood experiences (ACE)* have shown how deeply traumatized many of us are. The ACE study not only showed that the majority of respondents had been traumatized in childhood, but also that high rates of trauma correlate with a slew of devastating effects--from obesity to financial problems and depression to suicide and rape. Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. writes in The Body Keeps the Score that child abuse is “the gravest and most costly public health issue in the United States.” Trauma blocks development leading to immature adults who unwittingly pass their wounds on to the next generation.

From the local jail, to church groups and homes, to ministries, we are teaching leaders how to lead in ways that make healthy community possible. It is a huge job and we need help to make these dreams come true.

What does the good news of Jesus Christ say to these wounded ones? The Gospel is clear: Christ died to set us free from sin and shame, but what is needed to fully recover and live the life Jesus has for us?  We need healthy community to heal. We need safe places where we can courageously be who we are without being shamed for our vulnerability. We need role models to show us what emotional maturity looks like. At Healing Center International we long for the day when every Christian is part of a community where he or she feels known, accepted and loved by God. Our mission is to facilitate the development of healthy, maturing communities where people can experientially encounter God, for without his perspective we cannot know how deeply we are loved nor love others out of a wellspring of joy. 

We have a three part strategy:

First, we want to transform culture.

We are sowing seeds that will build an awareness of God’s love and presence. He is always with us. He wants to interact with us. We can turn to him in joy and sorrow. We want everyone to have a relationship with him build on truth, love and trust. At this point, we are spreading the good news primarily through classes, groups and resources that help people mature and form life-giving relationships within their community.

Second, we are developing leaders.

We are mentoring and equipping leaders of healthy, caring communities through leadership development and opportunities for leaders to connect with each other in mutually supportive relationship.

Third, we are fostering maturity.

We serve as a resource to help healthy communities fully mature so they can live from the heart Jesus gave them. We bring leaders together at our annual conference, which focuses on relational training, refreshment, and building joy. We also develop new curriculum and resources to sustain communities.

We look forward to meeting you as we journey together towards becoming the fully mature joyful people God intended us to be. Scripture says that will be know for our love for each other.  Join us in learning how to make this kind of joyful community a reality.

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*Note: ACE study has spawned a plethora of studies that document the adverse impact of childhood trauma throughout life.

Are you a leader?

Do you long to know God more intimately?

Do you believe God has called you to do mighty works, but keep getting stuck? 

Are your relationships painful?

Sign up for a class and begin learning how your community can become vibrant and alive. You will learn simple methods for hearing God more clearly so your whole life--and the lives of those in your community--can be transformed. 

Learn to pinpoint where you are stuck so you can engage with God to recover what is missing and interact with God about what troubles you so that trust and peace grow and flourish.