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If applicable, is your spouse in agreement with your role in ministry and is he/she involved in HCI programs? If applicable, are your children involved? Please describe below.
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Please list other experience you have facilitating, e.g. Thrive, Sozo, HeartSync, Christian Healing Ministry, Prayer at the Rail
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More Background Information
Self-Care and Spiritual Support
We ask all leaders to have at least four intercessors. You will need to keep them informed usually through email. Do you have at least two intercessors who will be praying for you?
We ask that all leaders have a plan for what they will do if they are triggered and cannot resolve something on their own. What is your plan (e.g. receiving prayer from a friend or talking to my mentor/counselor)? One way to do this is to ask someone in your Leader Group to be a prayer partner with you.
Network Inforamtoin
Which monthly Leader Group are you willing and able to attend?
Groups meet once a month.
Have you read and do you agree with HCI's mission, vision, values and beliefs?
Mission, vision, values and beliefs can be found at:
We ask that our members support HCI financially (at any level). Are you able to make a financial gift?
We ask that you prayerfully consider how much God would have you give.
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