Why HeartSync?

By Betsy Stalcup, founder and executive director of Healing Center International

Since the early years of the Healing Center we have been deeply investing in healing prayer. We believe that in addition to classes and Life Model exercises we all can get stuck and need individual ministry. For years we worked on honing our skills in Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Dr. Ed Smith, founder of TPM, was the first to teach us how to hear from God in our places of pain. Then we learned the Immanuel Approach with its strong emphasis on interacting with Jesus in joy and sorrow, so that we learned to love being with him all the time. So why add yet another method to TPM and Immanuel when we have all experienced so much healing through those two methods?

The short answer is this: As wonderful as those two methods are, what we have discovered is that often only part of us is connected to Jesus during Immanuel and TPM! This was a rather startling discovery for me, and as you have read in my introductory letter one that caused me lots of doubts at first. I went very slowly and cautiously in the beginning. But over the last six years, I’ve realized that this is not as weird as it sounds. Psalm 86:11 says “Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” Yet many of us have divided hearts and even more, God is triune and it seems he created us as triune beings as well. All of us have the ability to hold at least three different perspectives simultaneously. For example, if I look at my dog Darby, I can analyze and evaluate him using my left brain. From this point-of-view, he is a 53-pound chocolate standard poodle who is turning gray and is now sleeping at my feet. From an emotional/experiential point of view (right brain), he is my dog, who I love, who follows me everywhere and gets so excited when he seems me put on my hiking shoes (can you hear the love?).  At the same time another part of my brain is constantly scanning the horizon to see if what is coming is good, bad or scary. Right now it is raining outside, all is quiet and Darby is sleeping, so that part of my brain is still and at peace. But last summer when another dog bit Darby it was scary (and expensive for the owner of the other dog)! God made our brains so we can hold these three perspectives simultaneously. When we are able to receive input from all three areas we have a more solid, more whole perspective. 

But that doesn’t always work. When we experience trauma, which overwhelms our capacity, our brain forms a part to hold that trauma. If we don’t have an adult in our life to help us process the trauma it remains there. I know this sounds a little creepy, but if you start paying attention to your inner life, you will probably notice that you have difference aspects of who you are can respond quite differently to the same situation. I am so glad I got invited. But I am not sure I want to go. Aunt Jessica was so catty last time and I got overwhelmed. But still . . .  Part of you is more analytical and wants to get the job done. Part is more emotional and cares about relationships. Part is protective and wants to keep everyone safe. One part can become dominant. Sometimes the different parts don’t get along with each other. HeartSync helps you bring every part of you to Jesus, even the hidden parts, or the parts that are angry with each other. 

When we bring every part of who we are to Jesus and synchronize with him the peace and sense of inner solidity is unbelievable. My husband Sam and I have been profoundly changed and we are so grateful.  We hope you will give HeartSync a try and register today for this amazing trainingright in our own backyard!