You Anoint my Head with Oil

By Betsy McPeak


For 42 years I had a spinal curvature, which tilted my pelvis and made my legs uneven so that I had to wear thick orthotics in my shoes. As I aged, I began having issues walking and could not lift anything heavy without pain afterwards. It never really occurred to me to ask God to heal my curvature, but in April of 2017, my husband, David, and I invited some prayer ministers from the healing ministry at the Falls Church Anglican to speak to our prayer ministers at the Bay Area Christian Church, where David is an elder. During their visit, I heard the personal testimony of a woman who had been healed of a spinal curvature that made her legs uneven, too. Her story planted the seed in me, the encouragement that perhaps I could ask God to heal me. 

Less than two weeks later, I was in Tampa, visiting two friends, Sarah and Debbie, who are also in HCI’s Leadership Development program. The three of us began an Immanuel prayer time, starting with an appreciation moment. I saw myself on a horse next to Jesus who was also astride a horse. Jesus beckoned me to come to him. We rode side-by-side down a canyon with a river. I heard him speak to my mind, You anoint my head with oil. I let myself receive the oil, allowing his blessings for me to begin at my head and run down my body.


We each asked Immanuel a question. Sarah asked, “Jesus, what aspect of you do you want us to think about?”  

I heard companionship and camaraderie. Let’s be together. God wanted us to work together, recreate and share life

I asked the question, “God, what about your agape love do you want us to know?” 

I heard, His love is like a never-ending circle, like the cycle of water. God was preparing my heart in the presence of my HCI friends to receive his healing.

My friend Debbie asked, “Jesus, would you touch us where we need healing?”

I was thinking of inner healing, but I heard three words: Straight, upright andable. I knew Jesus was prompting me to ask him to straighten my spine. 

“Please pray for the healing of my curvature,” I asked my friends. 

I laid across a bed, and Debbie placed her hands across my spine and Sarah prayed aloud. Later I asked Debbie if she was wiggling her hands during the prayer session, and she said no. I lost all sense of time, and only later realized that we prayed for almost an hour. Throughout the entire time, Jesus was saying, Keep focused on me. I saw him standing upright in the light and I was aligned with him in front of me. I kept focusing on him. I felt three distinct jiggles inside of my spine. Shortly after that, the prayer time ended and when I stood up I knew a shift had happened. I was taller. We got dressed for dinner, I put my shoes on, but could not tolerate walking with the orthotics. I removed them and could walk just fine! I was healed!  


When I returned home from that trip, I asked my husband to feel my spine. He knows my back really well from giving me massages. He said, “You have a totally different back.” My chiropractor also checked it out, and said my spine is straight. 

Now I easily enjoy a 2-5 mile walk behind our house, pain free!

I feel so grateful to Jesus, because I love to be outside and take walks. Being in the mountains and hiking brings me great joy. That is where I connect with God best, outside. I always felt close to him, before the healing took place, but now our relationship feels like it exists in a different dimension! I don’t know why he doesn’t heal everyone and every condition, but I know that he healed me that day. He can, and does heal. 

Five months later, in October, I helped my son move into a house. We rented a big truck and spent the two days—just the two of us—moving appliances and furniture. I felt like I was 16 years old, because I was physically able to move and lift heavy objects. I woke up the next day without one ache or pain. How thankful I felt for the timing of the healing of the curvature of my spine!


For so many years I simply accepted the limitations of my body and worked around it. Looking back I can see that the curvature was not the biggest challenge in my life at that time, but it was the issue God chose to heal.

Since my healing, I am bolder in praying for others for physical healing. Shortly after I returned from Tampa, I joined in praying for a woman who needed relief from a hip issue. I felt different, more confident.

A year has passed since my healing . . . and I am still walking and feeling healthier and stronger.

I am overwhelmingly grateful for the deeper healing I’ve experienced from struggle and pain, grateful for my life, and thankful for my journey.